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The Special Variety for SAKKS Koi Shows in 2024 with be Mujimono

(All non-metallic single coloured koi - including their Kinginrin, Doitsu and Matsuba variants)

SAKKS follows the nominated Special Variety announced for the ZNA International Show in Japan in November.

  • Two founding principles formed the foundations of the South Africa Koi Keepers Society:

  • To promote friendship

  • To disseminate information on koi and koi keeping

The heart of South African
koi keeping

SAKKS Health Guide:

In 1988 Chris Neaves and Dr Neville Marais researched and compiled two manuals – “Management, Health and Medication” and “Nutrition” for the benefit of SAKKS members. These were later combined into one manual. More recently Chris Neaves produced the current “Health Guide” – a comprehensive, easy to follow guide to keeping Koi healthy and treatments when needed. This guide is more like a full-blown book than a simple manual.

  • Management, Health & Medication

  • Nutrition